Umrah Fees To Be Abolished



Umrah fees are set to be removed!

At the beginning of the Islamical year the Saudi government has introduced a new visa regulation, If you have travelled to Saudia Arabia in the past 3 years you will have to pay £450 tax per person. 
Good news for pilgrims as this rule as now been removed, No tax is to be paid unless you travel twice within the year, then it will result in paying 2000 SR. 
The national Federation of journey agencies of Morocco (FNAVM) the day prior to this decided to boycott Umrah journeys following a Saudi choice to impose a charge of 2,000 riyals ($533) on any pilgrim traveling to the dominion to perform the spiritual ceremony. Moroccan tour companies also agreed to boycott all Hajj and Umrah exhibitions in Saudi and to contact Saudi authorities to work on abolishing the brand new prices to help Muslims carry out Umrah and now not to feature hurdles of their direction.

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