Ticket Prices Need to be Set for high-speed Haramain train


MAKKAH: It was confirmed by the Saudi Public Transport Authority (PTA) that the ticket prices for the high-speed Haramain trains operating between Makkah and Madinah has not been set yet. However, the PTA mentioned that the matter is being addressed and will be resolved soon.

The PTA further stressed that the prices will reflect on the services provided and will be suitable for everyone as well.

According to Abdullah Sail, spokesman of PTA, the PTA is going to continue its pilot service trips of the Haramain high-speed train in the next few months. Some passengers will be invited to try the train experience and the services provided on it during weekends and some special trips. Sail said: “These trips are planned to increase gradually until we reach full commercial operation.”

Even though the commercial operations of the Haramain train are expected to start by mid-2018, the daily operations will start in sooner between Makkah and Madinah with a full load of passengers. Commercial operations await the completion of the Jeddah and King Abdul Aziz airport stations.

Umrah visitors, who are expected to reach about 15 million by 2020, are impatiently waiting for the full operation of the Haramain train, which will cross the distance between the two holy cities in two hours instead of six hours by bus.