How to Order

We hope that you will find using Noori Travel website quick and convenient. We will guide you safely through the online shopping experience because your privacy and security is extremely important to us. This page provides information about the pages on our site, how to place your order, changing your account details, print your receipts and how to get a refund if you have changed your mind.

Please Note

  • At Noori Travel & Tours online shop you will be able to purchase all the offers and shop items as well as delivery for your visa and shop items.

Features That Will Help Make Your Shopping Experience Even Easier

Home page link

  • You can get back to our home page at any time by clicking on the logo on the top left of the screen, or small icon (home) positioned first on the left hand site of navigation bar.

Main Navigation bar 

  • The names on the navigation bar near the top of the screen directly under the Noori Travel logo are the individual sections and offers of our online shop. If you hover over one of these, you will then see a drop-down menu with further product categories within that department. Clicking on one of those categories takes you to a new page containing all sections offers and products associated with it. The menu on the right of the screen will give you more refined options. As well as using filter positioned on the left hand side or individual navigation bars positioned above each individual offer or hotel. Here you will be able to find out all the related information and different offer categories, as well as individual information related to Hajj, Umrah, Ramadan, Hotels in Mecca and Medina, flights, transportation in Mecca and Medina, important Travel info for travelling to Saudi Arabia, Visa information, latest news, offer deals, info pages with all the FAQ, useful links and shop for purchasing garments.

Second Navigation Bar

  • Second navigation bar is positioned in line with Noori Travel logo and here you will be able to find Noori Travel contact details, shop for purchasing Hajj and Umrah garments, useful links that might be of use on your travel, latest news related to Hajj and Umrah, my basket –showing items that you have placed in your basket, details about your account under customer login, or if you are an agent under agent login.

Third Navigation Bar

Third Navigation Bar is positioned on the bottom of the page and here you will be able to find customer service, how to order, delivery details, web use terms and conditions and all the details about security and privacy of our site, as well as repeated navigation of the main pages of our site for the easier access, newsletter – where you can sign your e-mail address if you wish to receive our newsletters and offers our contact details and link to Sage Pay – our payment provider.

Your basket

  • The number of items in your basket can always be seen at the top right of the screen. If you wish to see what is in your basket just click on "My basket" link and the page with your order will open your order page where you can remove items by clicking on the green symbol x on the right hand side or change quantities in that viewing panel or just continue shopping to add more items.

Sign in/register

You will need to create an account with us to purchase items in our shop (click on Customer Login or create an account when you are prompted in checkout or before you start purchasing your items). Registering with us is also useful for bookmarking offers and products that you like but do not want to buy just yet. They will be stored on your order page “ My Basket” and you can view them at anytime, then either purchase them, remove them from your order or contact us for more info.

  • When you register with us we can retrieve your details and chosen delivery address. Please note that this does not include your payment card details.
  •  You will be asked to set up a password to access your account. On this link you can find out more about setting up a secure password. 

Changing your account information

  • If you wish to change or update your online account information (including your email address, password or address), simply go to “Customer Login”, enter your email address and password, and you will then be able to change the details that you originally saved. 

Placing Your Order

Once you have found the offers, services and items that you would like to buy and have added them to your basket, you can begin the checkout process by clicking on the "My basket" link (positioned in the right hand corner) at the top of your screen.

  • You can go straight to checkout to pay for your order and arrange delivery if you are already registered with us and you have logged into your account.

Please note for our Hajj, Umrah, Ramadan offers and Hotel booking you will only be charged deposit payment, for transportation and visas you will be charged full payment and for flights you will only place your booking with us and we will contact you to confirm best available option.

Or you will need to register your account with us to complete your order and proceed to purchase.

  • At checkout, you can review and amend your order details on the Order Summary page "My Order", you can either remove items from your basket or continue shopping and add items to your basket. (by clicking on the right hand side next to the items price small X – by clicking on it you can delete items in your basket). Or continue shopping if you wish to purchase anything else. 
  • CHECKOUT- when you have selected checkout you will be able to select your preferred delivery option for shop garments, or check the box if you wish to personally collect the items. For our wide range of offers: Hajj, Umrah, Ramadan, hotel, transport and flights booking we will contact you to arrange detailed itinerary. If you have purchased any of our garments or any of the visas here you can find out more about delivery options and lead times.
  • Boxes below delivery options will automaticity populate with the data from your address supplied during registration process. However if you wish to change the details to alternative shipping address just enter desired delivery address details in the address fields.
  • At this point you will be connected to Sage Pay – secure Payment Processing where you will still be able to cancel your order if you wish or proceed with your preferred payment option. If your payment was successful – you will get an e-mail confirmation from Sage Pay confirming your transaction was successful including all transaction details.
  • We will also send you a confirmation email with details of your order shortly after we have received it. Your confirmation email will have the subject line 'Thank you for your order'. 

However if your payment was not successful or there was an error with your payment – your order will not be processed. In the instance of unsuccessful payment or an error occurred during your payment you can either contact Sage Pay to enquire why the payment was rejected - numbers will be provided in your transaction window or contact us at 0203 3185 786 to arrange alternative payment and delivery. 

  • Once your order has been processed you will be able to print or save your invoice. You will also receive a copy of your invoice to the e-mail address provided.
  • If you have booked one of our Hajj, Umrah or Ramadan offers, or hotels, flights, transport bookings we will contact you shortly to guide you through the rest of the booking and itinerary process.
  • If you have purchased visa online we will contact you shortly to go through application process and arrange further needed documents.
  • If you have purchased one of the Hajj and Umrah garments, your item shell be delivered according to your selected delivery method. Find out about delivery options and lead times.


Receipts and Refunds

To obtain a receipt sign into your account and then click on the View your order/obtain receipt link. If you have any questions please email Customer Services or contact us on 0203 3185 786 between 10:00am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday.

Customer Service

If you have any enquiries about your order or refund of your order please contact our customer service team on: 0203 3185 786 or e-mail us at