Heavy rain hit the metropolitan city of Jeddah


Heavy rain hit the metropolitan city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the morning of Tuesday, November 21, 2017. It seemed as though the city had been flooded. Life had come to a halt.

The downpour caused many cars to be partially or completely submerged in water, leaving the passengers stranded and helpless. The only way to commute remained the high rise bridges. In the wake of the bad weather, authorities responsible for schools, colleges, and universities had announced that the institutions will remain closed for the safety of the students.

Furthermore, authorities in Jeddah have closed six tunnels that were flooded, until further notice. According to the Saudi General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection, the rains are expected to continue through Thursday. The areas most likely to receive the downpour are the regions of Makkah and Medinah with the coastal areas, and the mountain regions of Jaza, Asir, and Baha.