Dubai Police To Help Drug Addicts perform Umrah



The Dubai Police have launched a programme that will help recovered drug addicts perform Umrah. The programme is in response to the declaration of 2017 as the Year of Giving by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 


According to Lt-Colonel Dr Juma Sultan Al Shamsi, Director of Awareness and Prevention at the Anti-Narcotics department, the Umrah trip will help save former addicts and strengthen their faith, besides aiding their reintegration into society. 

He said the department took the route of faith to raise awareness on the harmful effects of drugs. It also played an important role in rehabilitating peole by sending those who are committed to performing medical examinations and stopping their drug use, to go on the pilgrimage. 


Promoting religious values play an important role in helping delinquents and those involved in drug use, as well as help them stay from bad friends and influences who are the cause of their drug involvement in the first place. 

The Awareness and Prevention wing also follows up on the drug addicts, visiting them and conducting regular tests on those who were involved in drug consumption of or sentenced in cases of narcotics, psychotropic substances or banned medicines, to make sure they did not return to drug abuse. The department is also keen to communicate with the families of drug users, which also contributes to prevention and repeated use on the part of the addict. Specialists from the department also provide the right guidance and help to these people. 


Lt-Col Al Shamsi added that the follow up and aftercare section of the department plays a social and humanitarian role, trying to find the addicts jobs after their release from prison. They are also trained in certain areas and skillsets. These measures contributes greatly to the rehabilitation of addicts and in long-term prevention of drug use. They also motivate the former addicts to become positive people and develop a mindset that makes their integration into society easier. 




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