A message from the Makkah Grand Mosque Management on Photography


MAKKAH: Worshippers and pilgrims are urged by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque not to get carried away regarding selfies or any kind of photography inside the Grand Mosque.

Mashhour Al-Mun’emi, the assistant under deputy for Grand Mosque services, said that the presidency urged worshippers to concentrate on performing their rituals rather than taking photographs.

Atiah Al-Youssefi, professor of Islamic Law, said that the practice of trying to get a perfect angle for pictures also causes trouble for other worshippers and disturbs their prayer and rituals.
This was especially true, he added, while the preparation of Zamzam well was underway. Al-Youssefi noted that pausing at the starting point of tawaf (circling the Kaaba) could confuse and hinder the movement of other worshippers.

A crowd management specialist, Akram Jan, said that crowd movement was greatly affected by photography because of pausing and trying to get pictures from multiple angles and directions. Jan further added that the dynamic of movement was important to ensure that moving happened simultaneously. The stumbling of any worshipper might cause a stampede, which was dangerous for the safety of everyone.

Thus, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued a circular to all Hajj and Umrah offices to raise the awareness of pilgrims about the importance of complying with the instructions banning photography at the Two Holy Mosques. Lastly, those who are interested in photography are now requested to get an official permit.