6 From Britan Die in a Minibus Crash


JEDDAH: Six Britons have been killed in a minibus crash on their way back to Madinah after performing Umrah in Makkah.

Four people from Manchester and two from Glasgow died in the accident on their way from Makkah to Madinah on Wednesday. A young child, believed to be 2 years old is reportedly among the victims.

Two other children are believed to have been injured.
The Scottish couple Mohammad and Talat Aslam, parents of five, were named among the dead by the Glasgow Central Mosque.
“We are supporting the family of six British people who have sadly died following a road accident in Madinah,” British Consul General Barrie Peach told the Arab News.

He said the British Consulate is extending help to several other British nationals who were injured in the crash.
“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families at this very difficult time,” Peach said.

The group had just completed Umrah in Makkah, according to Glasgow Central Mosque.

The bus that crashed was carrying 12 passengers. Mohammad Arif, director of the tour operator, said the group had been traveling in a 14-seater 2016 Toyota Hiace, operated by a Saudi company, when one of the vehicle’s tires burst on the motorway 90 miles from Madinah city.

Manchester-based tour operators Haji Tours confirmed that the group was performing Umrah, the lesser pilgrimage made by Muslims in Makkah.

The driver of the minibus survived.

A statement by the Scottish mosque said: “Mr Mohammad Aslam and Mrs. Talat Aslam of Glasgow, the parents of Shehla, Saba, Omar, Osman and Haroon, have returned to the mercy of Allah.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, they had just completed Umrah and were traveling in a minibus to visit our beloved Prophet’s Masjid in Madinah, and were tragically involved in a fatal accident. Four members of another family from Manchester were also killed in this tragedy, according to the statement.