Noori Dates

Noori Travel & Tours are offering fantastic range of the finest dates from our dates farm in KSA.

Dates are significant from both health and religious point of view. Be it Ramadan or any other month, these are widely liked Arab delicacy. 

Our widespread date farm covers a well fertilised land in the Holy City of Madina. With the barakah of this blessed city and skillfull cultivation by our staff, the dates produced are of finest quality. 

You can personally visit our date farm to try and buy our dates. Also we have various delivery and collection options available to get these exceptional quality dates.

We offer different variety of dates for you to choose from as per your taste and liking.

Type Weight Price
Ajwa 500 g £  17.50
Ajwa 2 kg £  50.00
Ajwa 5 kg £  125.00
Kalma 500 g £   11.00
Kalma 2 kg £   38.00
Kalma 5 kg £  95.00


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